Beginners Guide to Extended Fasting

So you’ve tried many different dietary interventions but none of them seem to provide you with the sustained benefits that you require. As a result you’ve decided to try extended fasting. Fasting for over 2 days has many challenges. First of which is the social disapproval. Friends and family are very quick to judge something […]

6 Days Without Food – What I Did Wrong, How To Do It Properly

When it comes to extreme short term dietary measures, I’m pretty crazy. Ever since I had completed my last long term fast (5 days), I’ve been meaning to try it again. My aim has been to pull off long term fasts around twice a year. 2016 was quickly coming to an end and I didn’t […]

Fasting For Increased Resiliency – How Not Eating Will Make You Stronger

Drowning in Food Choices Wake up, eat, go to work, eat, work some more, have a snack, go home, eat, go to sleep, repeat. The thought of missing just one meal sends us into visualizations of being short tempered or cranky. But is this normal? Today, we have more food choices than ever before. Name […]