Fitness is About More Than Just 6-pack abs

The media has painted a picture of fitness that’s pretty inaccurate. You look to popular magazines, Instagram, even TV and you see smiling models showing off their chiseled abs or their extreme curves. What you don’t see is that behind that happy image is usually a load of misery. The drugs and the starvation diets […]

How To Fit Your Clothes The Way You’ve Dreamed

Training to fit your clothes?….Really? Seems to be quite different from articles I’ve written in the past, doesn’t it. There’s more to wanting form fitting clothes on a toned, muscular body than you think. I’m about to show you why that’s the case and I’m going to outline some tips on how to have a more […]

Running Marathons – How It Can Run You Into Trouble

Evolutionary Advantages The nutrition and performance science community tends to view human physiology from the perspective of evolution. When new physiological processes are understood by science, many scientists ask the question: “how was this process an evolutionary advantage?” Evolution and natural selection allow for the most advantageous physical, mental or physiological attributes to carry through […]

Getting In Shape Is 90% Diet and 15% Gym

If Your Diet Doesn’t Change, Your Body Won’t Change How many times have you heard this? “I only go to the gym so that I can eat what I want, when I want.” It’s probably one of the most frustrating things that I hear, although I don’t show it. Eating what you want, when you […]