Cyclical Ketogenic Diet Results

Over the past 2 weeks, I have experimented with a cyclical ketogenic diet. This diet had a few small twists to it. More information on this experiment can be found here.

I was actually hoping to squeeze out 3 weeks of this before christmas but that idea ended up falling apart in week 3 since all of the christmas treats started coming out in full force.

Cheating so hard on Tuesday and Wednesday was a slight cause for concern. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to re-enter ketosis in the following days.

To combat that, I fasted for 24 hrs following my crazy cheat days. As you will see below, I entered ketosis quickly!


During my low Calorie days, I was worried that I would influence my metabolic rate negatively by being so far below my maintenance Calorie level. I decided to increase my calories on the day before my cheats began. The increase in Calories was still keto. My aim was to upregulate my metabolic processes without spiking my insulin, on the day before my crazy cheats.

The 2 days before I started this experiment, I cheated hard as well. In those 2 days, I consumed a soft ice cream cone, lasagna, chips, you get the message. Here is how my ketones rebounded (I only measured my ketones for the first week to make sure I was on the right track):

December 1st: Started eating low Calorie keto

December 3rd: 0.6 mmol (1am), 0.4 mmol (430pm)

December 4th: 0.6 mmol (12pm), 1.3 mmol (10pm)

December 5th: 1.7 mmol (830am), 0.6 mmol (630 pm)

December 6th: 0.9 mmol (130 pm)

December 7th: First cheat day

As you can see, the rebound was quick. I could feel it. I felt good throughout my workouts and I was able to maintain steady energy throughout the week. On my cheat days, it was very hard to squeeze all of that food down. Somehow I found a way.

The day after my dirty cheats, I had a very low rep full body workout to complete. I felt very energized and capable of these anaerobic exercises, thanks to the carb refeed.

I saw some great results in these 2 weeks! 2 weeks is not very much time to see results but I was genuinely impressed. I will definitely do this again in the new year.

Places that I saw improvements were my upper back, the gap between my pecs got filled in, the gap between my shoulders and triceps became more defined and my biceps became more defined.

This is something I want to do again, but first I am going to find ways to permanently lose my belly fat. I’ve been able to lose it completely in the past, but my body always ends up gravitating back to this state. I am going to book a dexa scan to understand whether I am more impacted by adipose or inflammation. As soon as I eat carbs, I notice enormous amounts of bloating which I haven’t been able to control.

Through my tweaking and experimentation, I am hoping to find a diet that will limit my inflammation, have me feeling full and maintaining a lower body fat percentage. I will be sure to report my journey as I figure things out.

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