My First Student – How Arjun Went From Overwhelm to Confident Productivity with the Keto Diet

Over the course of the last year I’ve been mentoring my good friend Arjun through the ways of keto (among other things). He didn’t try to count calories. On the odd day when he did, I would encourage him to eat more to support his daily cognitive demand (school and extra circulars).

Although he was literally eating as much as he could, the fat was falling off! Just another amazing example of what can happen when your hormones are in check.

On top of that he became a productivity machine! Taking on responsibility after responsibility and piling up the accolades. On that list of accolades are a top placement in a national hackathon and a faculty awarded trip to Iceland for a 3 week business workshop/competition.

The whole journey has been a learning experience for both of us and I’m thankful for him giving me the opportunity to work with him. The whole experience taught me a lot. It was amazing to witness his transformation in both productivity and body shape. It was almost as if for every pound of fat he lost, he wanted to accept another challenge. I was inspired by his drive and he is a great example of what can happen when you grab the bull by the horns and aggressively pursue something that will improve your life.

Here is a post written by Arjun outlining the keto experience.


Tips and observations from my keto journey

The keto diet is something I began as a trial in October of 2016. It’s been nearly 9 months since then, and this #guestpost is about my amazing experience. Although it took many adjustments and it’s a difficult lifestyle to live, ketosis did and is doing wonders for me. I believe that you too can cash in on these benefits if you can adjust to the lifestyle. Hopefully reading through my experiences will help bring you to try it.


I was originally down to try keto when Allen described it as being on the limitless pill. I like to keep very busy, meaning I say yes to too many things and commit my fullest to all of it. I won’t take a sick day or miss a meeting; I make maintaining study-time, me-time, and time to learn new things high priority. All this results in a lack of sleep. A limitless pill would fix all of that AND let me do more.


The journey to keto started very shaky for me as we didn’t really know how to best ease into it. Allen has since admitted that he learned what NOT to do while coaching me. It resulted in a messy few weeks where my energy was all over the place, but after we started figuring it out I started to feel better and better.


One of the most difficult parts was cooking. A lot of the foods I had already been making had a boatload of carbs, and counting/watching macros was a motivation killer, I found myself more hungry as well. I moved to meal prepping and buying in bulk to be more proactive and prepared for when I needed to eat.


I didn’t keto for the fat loss, but it definitely provided great motivation. I had to stop going to the gym to manage my other activities, but I was still losing weight. Once the diet started becoming easier to manage, I put a little bit of effort into losing weight and watched it melt off.

LEFT: Pre-keto (Calorie counting and exercising), RIGHT: 2 months on keto (nothing but a lot of walking)


One of the harder things about being on keto is receiving controversy from friends of scientific backgrounds. Some people believe that keto is just a placebo, and it can be difficult to keep doing it if you have too many doubters around. That being said, I’ve spoken to doctor-friends that agree on keto’s benefits, so you’ll just have to do your own research and/or deal with the doubters.

Nine months after beginning keto I find myself praising the benefits. I often count myself amazingly lucky to have taken the leap of faith I did. I’m not even on keto at the moment, but the better adaption to fats alone is wonderful. My energy is great, I don’t nearly have to eat as much as I used to and I have great control over my body weight and shape. I think I doubled the amount of activities I was a part of since going on keto and three weeks travelling to Iceland didn’t affect my weight. I can’t speak enough about how great going on keto was for me and I actually can’t wait to go back on it in September.

So as you can see, by no means was it a smooth transition but the effort was surely WORTH IT. It’s amazing how much more capable you feel after making some sustainable dietary changes. Everything from body composition, to cravings, to productivity can be effected, which allows you to feel in control of your life again. No more mid day lull, no more needing a few cups of coffee to stay awake, no more feeling overwhelmed. You get control over the steering wheel again and realize just how capable you can be.

I hope you can find it in you to make the necessary changes to your lifestyle in order to support sustainable eating.


You can learn more about Arjun and what he’s doing by going to


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